Are You an HR Manager?

Do You Want to Prevent Workplace Harassment?


You came to the perfect place. 

Our Trainer's Guide is all-in-one resource to help you spark meaningful conversations and integrate interactive training sessions into your harassment prevention training.

In other words...

We've created a really comprehensive resource for YOU to train your team!


Spark meaningful conversations with your team.

With the Define the Line Trainers Guide you have everything you need to help your team understand their role in preventing workplace harassment. 

Read from the page dialogue

The Trainer's guide was created with busy leaders in mind. With read-from-the-page dialogue, it's like having your very own HR sidekick helping you along the way.

Interactive activities

With eight sessions packed with microlearning lessons and interactive activities, you'll get your team talking about harassment prevention, and you'll help them practice speaking up for themselves and each other.

Training calendars

Whether you have 15 minutes during your next team meeting, or 2 hours set aside for training, the trainer's guide includes training calendars to help you cover the most important topics with the time you have.


Have more questions? No need to fret! We've answered some of the most common questions here.

Get a sneak peek at one

of the trainer's guide sessions

See one of the eight sessions included in the Harassment Prevention Trainer's Guide. 


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