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The Team

We feel so lucky to have such a wonderful group of people helping to create Define the Line. 

The Noteworthy

Nikki Larchar


The Tenacious

Tina Todd

The Creators

Nikki Larchar and Tina Todd are the co-founders of simplyHR LLC and Define the Line. With a combined 15+ years of HR experience and too many HR certifications to count, Tina and Nikki are the definitions of HR nerds.  (Actually, they have 4 certifications, so that wasn't so hard to count.) When it came to creating a new sexual harassment training tool, one thing was sure: They wanted to create something that would help individuals feel empowered to speak up for themselves and each other. 

Moriah Hummer Define the Line Artist.

The Marvelous Moriah Hummer

The Artist

Moriah Hummer is the artist behind Define the Line and Flat Track Furies. With a superpower for creating realistic, diverse, and creative characters, Moriah brings to life the raw emotions associated with workplace harassment.

Becca Bay sexual harassment trainers guide creator

The Brilliant

Becca Bay

The Educator

Becca Bay is the brains behind the Trainer's Guide curriculum. As a former educator of multicultural students, Becca has extensive experience with curriculum development and assessments that reach a diverse set of students. When Becca isn't creating workplace harassment curriculum, you can find her working on her own business Colorado Feed and Grain

Rebecc Gilmore comic book guru.

The Remarkable Rebecca Gilmore

The Glue

 Rebecca Gilmore is our ultimate cheerleader, expert proofreader/editor, marketing guru, and fangirl. Rebecca ensures that our branding, marketing, and commas are all where they need to be.  When she's not working on making Define the Line amazing, she's helping other clients achieve the same level of awesomeness with her business Gilchek Creative.


The CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer)

Albert keeps the day to day operations of Define the Line in order. With his cute demeanor, he can easily turn any “no” into a “yes”. When he's not working as Chief Cuteness Officer, Albert enjoys wrapping himself up in a blanket and eating all the treats he can handle.

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