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Nikki & Tina deliver interactive, engaging, and insightful speaking engagements for your audience.

All Define the Line sexual harassment prevention sessions include meaningful discussions and interactive activities to enhance your attendees understanding of what sexual harassment is, how it shows up in the workplace, and how we each play role in eliminating harassment from our organizations.

Most Requested Topics



Define the Line | Harassment training for today's workforce

With 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men experiencing sexual harassment at work, anti-harassment training's "check-the-box" approach isn't working for our employees.

During this interactive virtual or in-person sexual harassment prevention training session, the Define the Line team, guides participants through discussions about what sexual harassment is, how it shows up in the workplace, and how we, as HR professionals and managers, can create sexual harassment prevention training sessions that will engage employees in meaningful conversations and help them feel empowered to speak up for themselves and each other.

Define the Line introduces the concept of integrating interactive activities and discussions to create ongoing communication around sexual harassment prevention and providing resources to employees on a recurring basis.

Learning objectives:

  • Overview of the definition of sexual harassment and how sexual harassment shows up in today's workplace.

  • Understand what practices, policies, and procedures your organization should have in place to help prevent sexual harassment.

  • Review discussion topics and interactive activities you can implement with your team.


Define your Line | Finding your voice

Ever experienced that feeling in the pit of your stomach when someone crosses the line and makes you feel uncomfortable? Or ever thought of the BEST come back, but now it's hours or days after the situation happened?

For many of us, we've never been provided an opportunity to learn what sexual harassment actually is, how to speak up when someone does or says something inappropriate, or what resources we have available.

During this interactive virtual or in-person sexual harassment training, we'll explore how sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior shows up in the workplace, practice different ways that we can speak up for ourselves ad others, and we'll learn how to be advocates and allies within our workplaces, communities, and lives.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the definition of sexual harassment and how harassment can show up in today's workforce.

  • Practice how to respond when you feel uncomfortable, when someone is inappropriate to you, and what to do if you experience sexual harassment.

  • Understand your role as an ally and how you can help others in your workplace

Where's the Line | Your rights and responsibilities in the workplace


There are so many different rights, rules, legislation, and requirements that employers must follow for their employees. Yet many of us, are unaware of our rights in the workplace. 

Together we'll explore the rights and responsibilities that each of us has in the workplace. From understanding minimum wage, rest break requirements, and overtime pay to having an understanding of what the definition of harassment and discrimination in the workplace is.  We'll also talk about what steps you can take within your current and future workplaces to ensure you are receiving your employee rights. 


This session is great for high school students, college students, student groups, and career resources groups. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the various state and federal legislation that impacts the employer-employee relationship. 

  • Review best practices for identifying rights and responsibilities.

  • Understand what resources are available for employees.

Upcoming Events

Jun 22nd - Harassment Prevention Training - Addgene (private event) - virtual

Jun 24th - Sexual harassment training: From bystander to ally ($29 per employee) - virtual

Jul 15th - Sexual harassment Prevention for HR professionals & leaders (free) - virtual

Aug 2nd to 3rd - HR Indiana Conference (Breakout session speaker) - Indianapolis, IN

Aug 13th - NAWIC Conference (Breakout session speaker) - Charlotte, NC

Previous events



Apr 21st - CSDSIP conference

Apr 11th to 14th - HR Virginia Annual Conference

Mar 17th - Leadership Harassment Prevention Training for New Belgium Brewing (private event)

Mar 11th - Leadership Harassment Prevention Training for New Belgium Brewing (private event)

Mar 8th - Leadership Harassment Prevention Training for New Belgium Brewing (private event)

Mar 4th - Leadership Harassment Prevention Training for Cheba Hut Franchise(private event)

Feb 25th - Leadership Harassment Prevention Training for Cheba Hut Franchise (private event)

Feb 24th - Leadership Harassment Prevention Training for New Belgium Brewing (private event)

Feb 23rd - Harassment Prevention for Nonprofit Leaders

Feb 16th - Mental Health in the Workplace Panel

Feb 10th - Tell Jane, Virtual Event

Feb 4th - Leadership harassment prevention training (private event)

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Jan 26th - Mental Health in the Workplace, virtual event (free)

Jan 21st - Harassment Prevention for Leaders and HR Professionals, virtual event (free)

Jan 13th - Be the BOSS of your career, virtual event (free)

Jan 12th - American Business Women's Association, Melbourne, FL



Dec 18th - Employee harassment prevention training (private event)

Dec 17th - Leadership harassment prevention training (private event)

Oct 28th - CSDSIP Annual Conference, Keystone, CO 

Oct 20th - Space Coast HR Association, Cocoa, FL 

Sept 23rd - Larimer Workforce Symposium, Fort Collins, CO (Virtual Event) 

Sept 21st - Food Bank of Larimer County, Fort Collins, CO (Private Event)

Sept  3rd - Tell Jane, Virtual Event 

Aug 12th - Mile High SHRM, Denver, CO 

Jun 18th - Harassment isn’t just in Hollywood (Define the Line-UK)

Jun 25th - Sexual Harassment Training for HR Professionals and Managers **Open to the public** (Define the Line)

May 20th - Define the Line, Webinar (Define your Line)

May 13th - International Alliance of Women (IAW), Webinar (Define your Line)

Apr 28th - Harassment isn’t just in Hollywood, Webinar (Tell Jane Collaboration)

Mar 9th - Inspiring Women Leaders Conference, Gainesville, FL (Define your Line)

Feb 29th - WEventure's We Mean Business Expo, Melbourne, FL (Exhibitors)

Feb 13th - Groundswell, Melbourne, FL (HR Best Practices)

Jan 31st - MCMA Conference, Minneapolis, MN (Keynote Speaker)


Dec 12th - The Elizabeth Hotel (Define your Line)

Nov 8th - weVENTURE (Define your Line)

Oct 3rd - SBDC Women's Conference (Define the Line)

Oct 3rd - CASPA Conference (Keynote Speaker)

Oct 25th - Oct 29th - Vital Voices Leadership Incubator (Participant)

Sept 18th - Colorado State University - Women in Business (Where's the Line?)

Sept 19th - Private event (Define the Line)

Sept 20th - Larimer County Workforce Symposium (Define the Line)

Sept 25th - Private event (Define the Line)

Aug 8th - Private event (Define the Line)

Aug 17th & 18th - Fort Collins Comic Con (stop by our booth!)

Aug 28th - El Paso SHRM Chapter (Define the Line)

Jul 18th - LoCo Think Tank (private event)

Jun 23rd - 26th SHRM National Conference (We'd love to meet up with you!)

May 1st - Colorado Early Colleges (Where's the Line?) (private event)

May 2nd - Colorado Early Colleges (Where's the Line?) (private event)

May 31st - Denver Pop Culture Con (Define your Line)

Apr 3rd - Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge Finals (we were in the top 5!!)

Apr 10th - Northern Colorado Human Resources Association (Define the Line)

Apr 11th - Larimer County Workforce Center (Define the Line)

Apr 18th - BBB Torch Awards (we received the Spark Award for 2019!)

Mar 11th - Define your Line (private event)

Mar 12th - Define your Line (private event)

Mar 13th - Define your Line (private event)​

Feb 6th - She Leads 

Feb 13th - Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge *We made it to the next round!

Feb 14th - Larimer County Workforce Center

Feb 25th - Fort Collins Startup Week (Define the Line)

Feb 26th - Fort Collins Startup Week (Supporting women in the workplace panel)

Feb 27th - Fort Collins Startup Week (Crazy sh$% employees do and what you can do about it)

Feb 26th (and forever - you can still listen to it!) - Life As She Knows It Podcast 



Dec 10th - Larimer County Workforce Center

Nov 29th - Food Bank of Larimer County (private event)

Nov 16th - Toothzone (private event)

Oct 31st - 1 Million Cups Meetup 

Oct 12th - NCHRA Biennial Conference (exhibitors)

Oct 9th - More Bacon Please Podcast

Sept 21st - Larimer County Workforce Symposium

Sept 20th - Rocky Mountian CFMA Conference

Aug 25th to 26th - Fort Collins Comic Con (exhibitor and presenters)

Aug 3rd - Boys & Girls Club Shark Tank (panelist)

Jun 21st - Larimer County Workforce Center

Jun 18th - NPR - KUNC

May 9th - Story Corps

May 3rd - Larimer County Workforce Center

April 26th - 9 News

April 20th - Think Tank Retreat

April 6th - Made in Loveland

March 29th - Journey Employer Services Webinar

March 28th - 1 Million Cups Meetup

Feb 26th - Fort Collins Startup Week

Feb 9th - Fort Collins Startup Week Podcast

Jan 17th - Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge (panelist)



Dec 7th - simplyHR

Dec 6th - Journey Employer Services Annual Event

Nov 17th - Toothzone (private event)

Nov 2nd - Northern Colorado Women's Small Business Conference

Aug 15th - Larimer County Workforce Center

Jun 8th - simplyHR

May 11th - simplyHR


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