Define the Line Comic Book (PRINT version)

Define the Line Comic Book (PRINT version)


One (1) PRINTED copy of Define the Line's sexual harassment prevention training comic book. 


Readers are taken through six different workplace scenarios to explore and understand the many ways in which harassment can show up in the workplace. Interweaved into the pages are activity sheets to help the reader expand their knowledge and to think critically about how they would handle a similar situation, what resources they have in their workplaces, and how they can define their line when someone crosses it. 


Include in Define the Line are scenarios that cover the following topics:

  • Sexualized comments
  • Physical harassment
  • Quid pro quo
  • Sexualized environments
  • Text messaging
  • Off work conduct
  • Sexual orientation
  • Written, verbal and physical harassment
  • And more!


Throughout the scenarios the reader will learn what it means to go from a bystander to an ally, how they can speak up for themselves and each other, and what defining the line means for themselves and their organization. 


What people are saying about Define the Line:

"When I opened up our copy of the Define the Line comic book I had no idea I would read it cover to cover in one sitting. It was the first time I was provided with scenarios filled with situations that were so relatable." - Vanessa Enriquez


"I just completed my harassment training and found Define the Line to be a breath of fresh air to a sometimes overlooked subject that often has stale training associated with it. Tina and Nikki are very knowledgable and have their finger on the pulse of outstanding service. My company has certainly benefitted from their expertise and from their ingenious take on this important training topic.”

- Owner of a Fort Collins professional training company