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How to implement Define the Line as your harassment prevention training.

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Define the Line sexual harassment comic book cover art.

The Define the Line comic books are here to help you and your team understand what sexual harassment is, how it shows up in today's workplace, and, most importantly, what actions we can all take to create harassment-free workplaces.

Implementing Define the Line as your anti-harassment training is simple. With these 7 easy steps, you'll be on your way to creating allies and advocates within your organization and eliminating sexual harassment once and for all - GO YOU!

Before you get started

Read through the digital Define the Line comic book and complete the activity sheets after each scenario. Make sure to take notes as you go through the comic book. Think about what questions your employees may have and what additional resources, if any, you should send to your team.

Send the Define the Line comic book to your team

You can send the comic book out to your employees via email or share instructions on where employees can access it in a shared folder or online platform.

Communicate instructions, requirements, and expectations

Once your employees have access to the Define the Line comic book it’s time to let them know what they need to do. At a minimum, each employee should read through the Define the Line comic book and complete each of the activity sheets.

Spark meaningful conversations ( our favorite part!)

Define the Line was created to spark conversation. Using the Define the Line comic book as your resource, host a training session to discuss what employees learned after reading each scenario, ask if they have any questions/comments/feedback based on what they read, and create a space where your employees can come together to discuss sexual harassment prevention.

Tip: Looking for additional training resources? Check out the Define the Line Facilitation Guide. It includes 8 training sessions packed with discussion topics, interactive activities, read-from-the-page dialogue, and step-by-step guidance to help you facilitate interactive and engaging sexual harassment prevention training.

Track attendance and training completion

Keep track of all employees who have completed their Define the Line training. Have each employee print and sign the Training Acknowledgement page located at the end of the Define the Line comic book and store in a safe place.

Make sexual harassment prevention an ongoing conversation

Training and communicating expectations should happen more than once per year. Set up calendar reminders to help you keep track of when you should communicate with your employees, host another training session, or highlight sexual harassment prevention during a team meeting.

Do a happy dance

Your sparking real-deal change within your organization and that’s no easy feat! It’s time to give yourself a pat of the back, do a lil happy dance, and celebrate, amazing, incredible, YOU!

Imagine your team working together to help eliminate workplace harassment.

You don’t have to imagine it - you can make this YOUR organization! The Define the Line Comic Book is your all-in-one sexual harassment prevention training resource. Shop now.

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