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Define the Line seeks workplace harassment stories for new training tool

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Share your story of workplace harassment.

simplyHR LLC, human resource consulting firm, is seeking stories of individuals who have experienced harassment in the workplace.  The collection of stories will help simplyHR to create realistic scenarios for their upcoming sexual harassment training – Define the Line – a comic book that will help train and educate employees on harassment in the workplace. Define the Line illustrates how we naturally respond to harassment, provides guidance on what we can do if we are harassed at work, and shows how co-workers can step in and save the day. 

“We’ve been collecting stories of harassment from individuals within our community and the more stories we have, the more realistic the scenarios within Define the Line will be.”

stated co-creator Tina Todd. “We are excited to illustrate the way we naturally react in moments when harassment is happening, and that’s made possible by individuals sharing their experiences with us” Tina continued. 

"Almost all of us have a story about being harassed in the workplace. Whether it was an inappropriate joke or statement, physical touch that was not appropriate or repeated requests for a person to stop their behavior, we’ve either been the victim or know someone who has experienced workplace harassment”

said Nikki Larchar, co-creator of Define the Line.  “We think it’s important for people to have a way to submit their stories anonymously, so we’ve created a way for people to share their stories online,” said Nikki Larchar.

Stories can be submitted anonymously HERE.

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