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Define the Line Debuts at Fort Collins Comic-Con

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Define the Line Fort Collins comic con booth, co-founders Nikki Larchar and Tina Todd, Is saying you look hot in that harassment.

"What you're doing is so amazing," "I love this idea," "My workplace totally needs this type of training" were just some of the wonderful things people had to say about Define the Line. We were truly overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback we received this weekend at Fort Collins comic-con.

We sparked meaningful conversations about sexual harassment by posing the question, "When someone says 'You look hot in that!' is it harassment?". It was fascinating to see the variation in the answers we received. In the picture below you'll see the results of our poll. **dot colors were randomly chosen by the participant.

When someone says you look hot in that, is that harassment.

Shocked by the results? We were a little taken aback as well. But that's why we posed the question in the first place. It was a common response for people to say, "well, it depends".

It's within these gray areas of sexual harassment that we need to start having meaningful discussions. Without an understanding of those around us, how can we truly be compassionate, considerate, human beings?

At the Fort Collins Comic-Con we also asked attendees to place a dot if they had ever experienced sexual harassment. Women and men of all ages placed their stickers to show just how harassment has impacted our community. Here are the results:

The impact of harassment on our community. Place a dot if you have experienced sexual harassment.

From the brave 12 year old who shared her story of experiencing sexual harassment at a comic-con, to the many people who were brave enough to share their stories, we want to say thank you. Thank you for spending time with us. Thank you for being brave and speaking up. And thank you for making us feel welcome at our very first comic-con.

We'll see you all next year!

-Nikki & Tina

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