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Define the Line creates three training sessions to help combat harassment in the workplace.

Sexual harassment workplace training.
Part of the Food Bank of Larimer County team working together to define the line.

Define the Line has created three sexual harassment training sessions to target harassment in the workplace. The training sessions were created with one mission, empower individuals to speak up for themselves and others when they see or hear something inappropriate. With training sessions aimed at providing leaders, individuals, and students the ability to discuss and practice defining the line, co-founders Nikki Larchar and Tina Todd are excited to work with teams, organizations, schools and more.

“Within each training is one underlining objective, to empower people to define the line and speak up against harassment in the workplace.” Co-founder Larchar said.

Providing onsite training that includes the use of the Define the Line comic books, interactive activities, and meaningful discussions among audience members, Larchar and Todd are allowing individuals to take the time to learn more about their roles and responsibilities as allies in their organizations.

When asked why they’ve created three different training sessions, co-founder Todd stated,

“We’re able to provide support for teams, individuals, and students. We're excited to empower students who are entering the workforce, individuals no matter where they work, and teams who are supported by their organizations."

The Define the Line duo is already booking speaking engagements and training sessions in 2019 and are eager to help spread the message that we can all be part of the conversation and we can all work together to create workplaces that are harassment free.

For more information on the Define the Line sexual harassment training sessions visit:

Define the Line

(970) 818 - 5007

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