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Define the Line Announces Partnership for Training Curriculum

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Fort Collins, CO: Define the Line, a sexual harassment training in the form of a comic book, announced today that they will be collaborating with, Becca Bay to create training tools and curriculum for Define the Line.

Becca Bay co-creator of sexual harassment trainers guide. Define the Line comic book trainers guide.
Becca Bay - Owner of Colorado Feed and Grain

“Becca’s unique perspective as an educator and as a business owner will provide Define the Line with training tools that are both effective and easy to implement” stated Define the Line co-founder, Tina Todd. “The collaboration with Becca Bay will allow us to build training tools that are education focused and that can be tailored to meet the needs of various organizations.” continued Todd.

“As a former educator of multicultural students, I have extensive experience with curriculum development and assessments that need to reach a diverse set of students. Whether a supervisor, HR representative, employee-in-training or an individual struggling with how to approach this issue, the training tools we will create are tangible and impactful” said Becca Bay.

“Our goal is for each lesson, activity, and assessment to address the serious nature of sexual harassment in the workplace with the lightheartedness necessary to be able to approach such a difficult and complex topic.” Bay continued.

“In combination with the comic book, the training tools will allow our business owners to have a step-by-step guide to successfully implement Define the Line into their practices.” Nikki Larchar, co-founder of Define the Line said. She continued to note, “We are excited for this partnership and eager to redefine how train and educate employees about harassment in the workplace.”

About Define the Line: Define the Line is revolutionizing sexual harassment training to empower individuals to create workplaces that are harassment free.

About Becca Bay: Becca is the owner of Colorado Feed and Grain a public market collaborative where Main Street Market, Feed & Grounds Coffee Station, and The Workhouse become a seamless collaboration of specialty foods, artisan coffees, and integrated conference services. For more information, visit

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