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Define the Line announces Artist for Comic Book

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Define the Line, a sexual harassment training in the form of a comic book, today announced that they are collaborating with Fort Collins comic book artist Moriah Hummer (Flat Track Furies). The partnership will allow Define the Line to create realistic scenarios, showcasing diverse workplaces, and help create a training tool for organizations to educate employees on harassment in the workplace.   

Define the Line comic book sexual harassment training.

“We’ve chosen to work with Moriah because of her ability to show real emotion in her art.” Stated co-creator Nikki Larchar. She continued to say, “choosing an artist that could portray a diverse workplace was very important to us, and Moriah’s art is just what we were looking for.” 

"I'm so excited to be the artist behind Define the Line! I think it will be a great resource for people to advocate for themselves and others in order to prevent sexual harassment not only in the workplace, but in their everyday lives.”

said Moriah Hummer. She goes on to say, “We should be able to stand up for ourselves and defend others. We should be able to see when someone needs help. We can change our culture for the better."

“Moriah was eager from the first meeting to work with us, and that was a huge component to why we chose her as the artist for Define the Line.” Said Tina Todd co-creator. “We wanted someone that was passionate about what we’re trying to achieve and aligned with our mission” she continued.

About Define the Line: Define the Line is a revolutionary way to train, educate and empower  comic book that trains, educates and empowers organizations to create workplaces that are harassment free. For more information, visit

About Moriah Hummer: Moriah Hummer is the artist and writer behind the comic book series Flat Track Furies which follows the adventures of the Nuclear City Furies as they play roller derby, fight monsters, and learn about teamwork and friendship.

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