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Comic books get a comeback - and help organizations prevent sexual harassment.

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

You've probably sat through your fair share of anti-harassment trainings. They're littered with unrealistic scenarios, did diddly squat at helping you understand what to do when you're coworker sent that picture of their you-know-what, and the only thing it really helped you learn is how to multi-task.

Define the Line is on a mission to eliminate workplace harassment and is revolutionizing sexual harassment prevention training.

"We wanted to create the training we wished we had earlier in our careers and fell in love with the comic book format." says co-founder of Define the Line, Nikki Larchar. The team decided to create a comic book training tool after seeing the format being used for training in the US government and as a resource for students at college.

Define the Line comic book cover art and inside pages.

The US Government has been using comic books as training tools for years.

Comic books are just plain cool. Also, the U.S. government has produced comic books to help train their soldiers on difficult tasks, written a comic book about assimilating back to civilian life, and more.

The reader can recall words verbatim.

Ever had an interaction and wished you had handled it differently? As you begin to think over your interaction you come up with the best way you wished you had responded. When we read comic books we remember and recall information verbatim. Next time someone says or does something inappropriate you may not know exactly what you want to say - but you'll have a few new ideas to help you out.

Learning can happen at the reader's own pace.

When it comes to learning - we all are different from one another. If we provide individuals with video training - it's likely that many of them will miss important information because the pacing isn't right (it could also be because they're on social media instead of paying attention - but that's a whole other issue). Having a printed comic book that employees can keep in their desk, reference when needed, and have as an ongoing tool makes learning easier to digest and can be done at their own place.

The reader can connect emotionally with the characters.

One of the reasons why Define the Line comes in a printed format is because when we hold a physical book we connect emotionally with characters. If that's not magical than we don't know what is.

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