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Where it all started! (Matching outfits were not planned - but are to thank for this picture)

From left to right: Co-founders Tina Todd & Nikki Larchar, Kristina Paz, Jane Brewer

Over 3 years ago, while operating HR consulting firm, simplyHR, co-founders Tina and Nikki received 3 phone calls, from 3 different clients,  with 3 different issues related to sexual harassment. Needless to say, it was a very stressful and long day and the duo had by all accounts earned a ticket to happy hour.  The duo ordered their favorite drinks - margaritas - and began to decompress from their day, and then something truly magical happened.


The group began to share their own stories of when they each had experienced uncomfortable situations, sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior at work. 

While each of the phenomenal leaders shared experiences we also shared something else in common - while we had all received training on sexual harassment - when we were faced with harassing behavior we still didn't know what to do or what to say

It was from this moment that the duo began work on the Define the Line concept. Knowing that they wanted to change how individuals are trained and educated on the stop of sexual harassment, they began to research different training methods and fell in love with the concept of a  comic book training tool. 

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