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In June of 2017, while operating HR consulting firm, simplyHR, co-founders Nikki Larchar, and Tina Todd received 3 phone calls, from 3 different clients,  with 3 different issues related to sexual harassment in the workplace. Needless to say, it was a very stressful and long day and by all accounts, the duo had earned a ticket to happy hour.  As Tina and Nikki ordered their favorite drinks - margaritas - and began to decompress from their day,  something truly magical happened.


The group began to share their stories of when they each had experienced uncomfortable situations, sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior at work. 

The group had another thing in common - while they had all received training on sexual harassment throughout their careers - when each of them was faced with harassing behavior they still didn't know what to do or what to say

Knowing that harassment training needed a major makeover, the duo set out to research how they could create a training tool that would empower individuals to speak up for themselves and others. They fell in love with the idea of creating a comic book - not only because of the format but because of the incredible benefits to the reader.

Wanting to make sure that others believed in the Define the Line mission and concept, a Kickstarter campaign was created and the project was successfully funded (yay!).


In January 2019 the Define the Line Comic Book and Trainer's Guide were launched into the world. Since then over 2,100 copies of the comic book have been distributed to teams across the U.S., over 700 individuals have participated in on-site training sessions, and nearly 3,000 allies are showing their support on social media. 

Define the Line is on a mission to eliminate sexual harassment and provide individuals with the words they say and the actions they can take so they feel empowered to speak up, define their line, and spark change wherever they are. 

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