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We put together marketing materials to make sharing about Define the Line easy. On this page you'll find descriptions, affiliate disclaimers, images, social media posts and more!


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Short Description:

Define the Line is a comic book training tool that’s revolutionizing workplace harassment training. They're on a mission to empower employees to speak up, define the line, and help end workplace harassment.


Long Description:

Define the line is a comic book training tool that helps employees know what they can do and say when faced with inappropriate behavior at work. With a focus on empowering employees, Define the Line is changing how we train and educate employees. Within the pages of the comic book, employees are taken through 6 realistic scenarios each with their own accompanying activity sheet. Within the pages, employees are asked to reflect on how they would handle similar situations, to identify the resources they have available to them, and how they can speak up to help eliminate workplace harassment and inappropriate behavior.


Comic Book Description:

Define the Line is the first of its kind comic book training tool. Included in the pages, are six scenarios based on real-life experiences and provides the reader with an interactive training with activity sheets after each scenario. With a diverse set of characters, Define the Line takes the reader through various situations ranging from an inappropriate comment to sexual assault. And with scenarios set in an office setting, a restaurant, and a retail store, the reader is taken through the different relationships and ways that harassment can show up in the workplace.


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This is an affiliate discount code, which means if you purchase, I will receive something in return. 


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Define the Line comic book image


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Social Media Posts

You can find more social media posts to share on our Instagram @definethelinecomic but here are a few of our favorites.

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