Creating change starts with a conversation.

Facilitate engaging harassment prevention training sessions with your team.

Talking about sexual harassment isn't easy, the Define the Line facilitation guide is here to help! You can start sparking change in your organization by hosting meaningful conversations, interactive activities, and engaging training sessions.

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Define the Line facilitation guide micro-learning lesson plan
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Empower your team to speak up for themselves and each other.

Your all-in-one resource to help you spark meaningful conversations and host interactive training sessions to help eliminate sexual harassment.

With the Define the Line Facilitation Guide you have everything you need to spark change, and help your team understand their role in preventing workplace harassment.

Define the Line Facilitation Guide

Read-from-the-page dialogue

Facilitating training sessions is easy when you have your very own HR sidekick helping you along the way.

Eight Training Sessions

Micro-learning lesson, two interactive activities, and discussion topics to help spark conversations.

Training Calendars

Whether you have 15 minutes or 2 hours, you'll know which activities and lessons fit into your schedule.

Certificate of completion

Celebrate creating advocates and allies within your organization.

Attendance Tracker

Keep a log of who's completed their training sessions.

Step-by-step instructions

Everything you need to host your own interactive training sessions.

Define the Line facilitation guide cover

Creating change starts with a conversation.  


You don’t have to imagine it - you can make this YOUR organization! The Define the Line Facilitation Guide is your all-in-one resource to help prevent workplace sexual harassment at your organization. 


Have questions about the facilitation guide? Here's a list of frequently asked questions.

What's included in the Facilitation Guide?

The Define the Line Facilitation Guide has eight sessions that each include: - One micro-learning lesson (under 15 minutes to complete) - Two activity lessons (20 - 30 minutes to complete) - Reflection & assessment section - Read-from-the-page dialogue for you - Activity sheets - Step-by-step guidance for you from your trusty HR sidekicks (that's us!) You'll also get these amazing resources to help you: - Training calendars - Implementation guide - Attendance tracker - Training acknowledgement - Training pre and post surveys - Certificate of completion
- Additional resources page

How much time will it take to train my team?

We know that each company is different and the amount of time you have can vary. That's why we've included the Training Calendars. Whether you want to train your employees in a 2-hour or 4-hour session or want to have your employees participate in a book club (our favorite option!) you'll have everything you need to roll out the training that's perfect for your team.

What file format is the Facilitation Guide in?

The Define the Line Faciltiation Guide is a digital product and is provided in a .zip file. Within the .zip file, each of the pages of the Facilitation Guide are provided as .pdf files.

What is an interactive activity?

Great question! Interactive activities can engage employees in a number of ways; in particular, they prompt the learner to engage with content, rather than passively absorb it. Included in the Facilitation Guide are discussion questions, fill-in the blank worksheets, group and team work, and lessons to help empoyees practice speaking up and defining their line for themselves and each other.

Is the Define the Line Comic Book included?

Yes! Included in the Facilitation Guide is the Digital Define the Line Comic Book which can be distributed to your team.

If I need help implementing the training or have questions who can I contact?

We are always here to help! Whether you have questions about how to implement the training, need to chat about how to complete an activity, or have any other questions along the way, you can always reach out to our team at

Can I facilitate training virtually?

You can! The Facilitation Guide was creating to spark meaningful conversations. Within each session, we've included guidance on how to convert one of the activities into a virtual training.

Do I have to be a professional workplace trainer to use the Facilitation Guide?

Absolutely not! The Define the Line Facilitaiton Guide was created with HR professionals, business owners, and front-line managers in mind. With read-from-the-page dialogue and step-by-step guidance anyone can use the facilitaiton guide to spark meaningful conversations and create advocates who are working to eliminate workplace sexual harassment once and for all.

Does the Facilitation Guide only cover sexual harassment prevention?

While the Define the Line Facilitation Guide was created to help you and your team understand sexual harassment prevention, it also helps individuals feel confident and comfortable speaking up when someone is inappropriate. Whether someone is experiencing discrimination, harassment, bullying, or anything inbetween, your team will understand when to report, how to speak up, and how to be an active bystander.