Define the Line School

Interactive LIVE online training sessions.

During your Define the Line training sessions, we'll facilitate interactive activities, meaningful conversations, and engaging discussions to empower and engage your team on the topic of sexual harassment prevention in your workplace.

Define the Line School

Four sessions - 30 minutes each.

Session 1 

  • Does sexual harassment still happen today?

  • How sexual harassment shows up in the workplace.

  • Definition of sexual harassment.

Session 2 

  • Different types of sexual harassment. 

  • Reasons why people don't report.

  • How you can report sexual harassment.

Session 3 

  • Practicing speaking up for ourselves and others.

  • How to be an ally in the workplace.

Session 4

  • How power dynamics, race/ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation affect sexual harassment.

  • Our top 4 tips and tricks for combating sexual harassment.

  • Creating an individualized action plan

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Creating change starts with a conversation

"Define the Line took a different approach to somewhat of a difficult and sometimes dry topic. She made it interactive, fun and informative. It really sparked great conversations with the attendees. We all learned different approaches to handling some difficult and sometimes all too common situations."

- Liz Oros, Edward Jones

"I absolutely LOVED that training. It was so useful and informative. And the space you created virtually was so so awesome and positive. Thank you!!"

- Sophie Sandberg, Catcalls of NYC

"I just completed my harassment training and found Define the Line to be a breath of fresh air to a sometimes overlooked subject that often has stale training associated with it."

- Anonymous 

"Dreary old-school finger-wagging doesn't cut it in the modern workplace. Define the Line uses an innovative approach that makes harassment training engaging and thought-provoking, maybe even a little bit fun." 

- Mike Kohler, Larimer County Elevate Training

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