Eliminating harassment starts with a conversation. 


For many of us, speaking up when we feel uncomfortable is not something that comes easily. It takes reliving a situation over and over again and thinking through all the words we wished we said and the things we would have done differently, to understand how we would handle a similar situation in the future. 


Define the Line is a harassment training that helps individuals think through how they can speak up for themselves and others. It tackles the gray area of harassment and inspires the reader to speak up, define their line, and help eliminate harassment. 

We hope you feel inspired to start a conversation with your team after reading through the Define the Line scenario (below). 

Together we CAN create change and eliminate harassment. Keep up the amazing work you're doing!


Your nerdy HR friends,

Nikki  & Tina  


All six scenarios in the comic book are based on real stories.

Diverse characters to represent today's workforce.

HR guidance to enhance understanding of topics.

Bystander training - because even if we're not directly involved we can still help.

Activity sheets after each scenario help readers reflect on  the topic.

All six scenarios in the comic book are based on real stories.

Organizations who are empowering their employees to eliminate harassment.

Eliminating harassment starts

with a conversation

"When I opened up the Define the Line comic book I had no idea I would read it cover to cover in one sitting. It was the first time I was provided with scenarios filled with situations that were so relatable." 


"I just completed my harassment training and found Define the Line to be a breath of fresh air to a sometimes overlooked subject that often has stale training associated with it. Tina and Nikki are very knowledgable and have their finger on the pulse of outstanding service. My company has certainly benefitted from their expertise and from their ingenious take on this important training topic.”


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