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Reimagine workplace harassment prevention training.

Digital Comic Book

Engage employees. Promote positive interactions. Prevent harassment. Stay compliant.

Define the Line comic book cover art and inside pages
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Engaging        Interactive        Reflective        Empowering        Realistic

Start a conversation.

Empower your employees to speak up for themselves and each other and start creating a workplace that's free from sexual harassment.

The Define the Line Comic Book helps your team start a conversation about what sexual harassment is, how to speak up for themselves and each other, and how to be an ally in the workplace. 

Comic book panel with female character. Speech bubble "Uhhhhh. Ok?"
Comic book panel with male employee.Thought bubble "Thank goodness the guys spoke up. I hate going to strip clubs but never felt like I could speak up."
Comic book panel. Male employee speech bubble "well... Last night Makayla texted me and it just... escalated pretty quickly." Female coworker responds, "I know Makayla has no filter. What did she say?"

Six scenarios with activity sheets. 

The Define the Line Comic Book covers:

  • Inappropriate jokes.

  • Sexually degrading words used to describe an individual’s body. 

  • Text messaging inappropriate photos.

  • After work team outing to a strip club.

  • Inappropriate questions about sexual orientation.

  • Exposing oneself.

  • Unwanted touching.

Activity sheets.

After each scenario, employees reflect on what they would do or say in a similar situation.

English and Spanish.

Define the Line comes in both English and Spanish to support multicultural workplaces.

Bystander training.

Employees learn how to speak up and take action so they can go from bystander to ally.

Define the Line comic book cover
Define the Line Logo

Imagine your team working together to help eliminate workplace harassment.  


You don’t have to imagine it - you can make this YOUR organization! The Define the Line Comic Book is your all-in-one sexual harassment prevention training resource. 


Have questions about the comic book? Here's a list of frequently asked questions.

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