Become a Define the Line Ally

Becoming a Define the Line Ally is a simple way to help businesses eliminate workplace harassment AND make money. With the Define the Line Ally program you'll earn 20% on each new product purchased. 


The Benefits


  • Earn 20% for each new purchase you get.

  • No sales minimum or limit on commission.


  • Provide your clients, customers, contacts, and audience access to Define the Line products.

  • Offer exclusive discounts to your audience.


  • Opportunity to provide feedback and insight into Define the Line product changes.

  • Help tailor and improve the Define the Line Ally program.

Who makes a good ally?

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Love Define the Line products

Already love telling people about Define the Line? Why not earn some extra cash for what you're already doing. 

Have a network of business leaders

Connect your business network with Define the Line products to help them eliminate workplace harassment.

Want to create another stream of income

Partnering with Define the Line is a simple way to set up another source of revenue for your company. 

Make engaging with your audience profitable

Become a Define the Line Ally and receive a commission for each sale you drive. Monetizing your audience has never been so easy.

Have questions? We'd love to help! Contact Nikki at


Have more questions? No need to fret! We've answered some of the most common questions here.

What is Define the Line?

We are so glad you asked! Define the Line is a comic book training tool to help employees understand what they can do and say when faced with an inappropriate workplace situation. To get a sneak peek into the comic book head over here.

What is the Define the Line Ally program?

To keep it simple, the Define the Line Ally program provides you with a unique 10% off discount code that you provide to your audience, customers and/or contacts. For every sale that uses your uniqure discount code, you get 20% of the revenue generated from the sale.

Do I have to pay to be a Define the Line Ally?

Absolutely not! Signing up to become a Define the Line Ally is completly free. Plus there are no minimums for comissions which means you get 20% of ALL revenue generated by your unique discount code - see above question for more details.

How do I sign up?

Simply fill out the form below to get started. We'll review your application and if it's a good fit we'll contact you via email with your next steps.

I'm an HR/Business consultant, is the Define the Line Ally program a good fit for me?

It totally is! Many of our affiliates provide human resources consulting, training and developing programs, and business consutling to their clients and are looking for a workplace harassment training that they can offer to the businesses they work with.

Become a Define the Line Ally

Apply now if you want to start referring business and earning commission!