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To eliminate workplace harassment. 

Founded in 2017, Define the Line partners with organizations to help empower employees and eliminate sexual harassment in workplaces one meaningful conversation at a time. 

Comic book panel. Male coworker says "Oh, I had a little physical activity with a frined this weekend as well...If you know what I mean." Female colleague thought bubble, "Ugh, gross. I wish he would keep his stupid mouth shut."
Define the Line comic book panel. Male colleague "well... Last night Makayla texted me and it just...escalated quickly." female colleague
Define the Line comic book panel. Male character with thought bubble, "Thank goodness the guys spoke up. I hate going to strip clubs but never felt like I could speak up."
Define the Line comic book panel. Female character "Uhhhh.Ok?"


Empowering people through storytelling and meaningful conversations.

Early in our careers, we experienced inappropriate behavior, cringe-worthy moments, and the textbook definition of sexual harassment. With each new interaction, we learned over the years how to speak up for ourselves and others.


And while we were introduced to various anti-harassment trainings throughout our careers, we still felt unequipped on what to DO or SAY when faced with inappropriate behavior in the workplace.


Frustrated by our own experiences, we decided to create the harassment prevention training we wished we had early in our careers. Today, we spend our time creating vulnerable spaces for employees to have meaningful conversations around difficult topics, give teams an opportunity to practice how to respond when they feel uncomfortable, and create allies and advocates within organizations who are working to create safe and secure workplaces for everyone. 


We're revolutionizing sexual harassment prevention training so that individuals feel empowered to speak for themselves and each other. 


Together we can create change, and it starts with a conversation.

Nikki Larchar & Tina Todd

Co-founders of Define the Line

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