Empower your team to speak up for themselves and each other and

start eliminating workplace

sexual harassment.  

Eliminating harassment starts with a conversation.

Imagine an organization

working together to help

eliminate workplace harassment.  


Define the Line is a comic book training tool that helps individuals know what words to say and what actions to take when someone is inappropriate, disrespectful, or harassing. 

"I just completed my harassment training and found Define the Line to be a breath of fresh air to a sometimes overlooked subject that often has stale training associated with it."

Ready to spark change and eliminate workplace harassment?


The Define the Line Trainer's Guide is your training sidekick. With read-from-the-page dialogue, discussion prompts and step-by-step guidance on how to integrate interactive activities into your training - we're with you every step of the way. 

Together we can eliminate sexual harassment.

Harassment prevention training for today's workforce.

Define the Line is the training tool we wished we had earlier in our careers. It was created to spark conversation,  help employees navigate tricky situations, and eliminate harassment once and for all. 

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