Engage employees. Promote positive interactions.

Prevent harassment. Stay compliant.


Our beautifully-designed digital comic books, training facilitation guides, and interactive virtual training sessions help you and your team engage in meaningful conversations 

to help end workplace harassment.

Reimagine workplace 

harassment prevention training

"I absolutely LOVED the training. It was so useful and informative."

- Virtual Training Participant


Eliminating harassment starts with a conversation.

Imagine your team working together to help eliminate workplace harassment.  


You don’t have to imagine it - you can make this YOUR organization! The Define the Line Comic Book trains your team on how to speak up for themselves and others to eliminate workplace harassment. 


Every online order helps support Empower Work.

Empower Work is a nonprofit that provides free and confidential support to anyone facing a tough issue at work, via SMS or text message. It’s immediate and confidential support, at your fingertips. Over 90 percent of people who reach out to Empower Work say they not only feel better, they’re also able to take an action that addresses their issue. 

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